A Model For How Companies Can Increase Women on Boards

Women on Boards Impacts the Bottom Line.

Women in the Boardroom - A model for Companies
Retaining female talent so that they can become part of a diverse and successful corporate board is a topic that is on the minds of politicians, the media and chairman of boards around the world.

In Europe, quotas for women on boards are a hot topic, and in the United Kingdom, the Davies Review will shortly report on how diverse the boardrooms of the UK are.

There is increasing evidence that having women on the board has an impact on the bottom line.

Your Loss helps you learn how.

But what if all your female talent has left already and you have no women to promote to the board?

Women with the experience and talent to perform as great board members are now in great demand. So why would they want to work for you, your company and your shareholders?

Your Loss addresses the problems that companies face, not just in promoting women to top positions, but attracting them in the first place and retaining them throughout their careers. The book uses quantitative research and the stories of women themselves to recommend practical ways in which companies can reverse their female brain drain.

Even if there are no quotas, business will come under increasing pressure to bring the diversity of their boards into line with the general population, this is just good corporate governance.