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your loss, how to win back female talentYour Loss – How to Win Back Your Female Talent.

Based on global qualitative and quantitative research, this book offers a hands-on blue-print for creating Gender Savvy organisations.


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Your Loss is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1 – How to Create a Gender Savvy Organisation; focusing on elements in our Gender Savvy model: Passion, Flexibility, Innovative Collaboration and Sustainability.

Part 2 – Applying the Gender Savvy model to a company’s value chain. Themes include: Marketing to Women and Managing Women. In the last chapter, women are offered practical advice about what they can do for themselves to help encourage cultural change.

Recommendations for the book – what are top executives saying?

“A great guide to more than solving ‘the women problem’ – this book is all about understanding the motivating factors behind the women who can open doors to a market twice as big as “China and India combined”. Surely this is a stat no business can afford to ignore? Ioannidis and Walther provide a blueprint to help all businesses embrace diversity and measure progress against real targets. A must read for all senior management, no matter the size of organisation you lead. ” Carla Stent, Chief Operating Officer, Virgin Management Ltd; Non Executive Director

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