Your Loss Ebook – Now Available on Kindle Devices

Download Your Loss - Kindle Edition

You can now buy Your Loss – How to Win Back Your Female Talent and download it to read on your favourite Kindle device.

The book has been reformatted so that you can refer to it on the move and take it with you wherever you are.

You don’t even need a Kindle. Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle reader software, you can refer to Your Loss from your computer, iPad, iPhone, blackberry or Android device.

Buying Your Loss this way saves you money too. Even though ebooks are subject to VAT, you save on postage, so the total cost you end up paying is just £17.99 (saving £2).

Christina Ioannidis, co-author said:

“We’re very excited about being able to offer readers around the world the ability to benefit from the learnings contained in the book through the Kindle platform. This makes Your Loss a really valuable resource, because people working in business who want to refer to the recommendations made can have them to hand on their Kindle, iPad or Blackberry.”

“The book was designed to be referred to over and over again as businesses change the way they behave and adopt the models that we suggest. Having the book literally to hand, makes this a really usable tool.”

You can download the Kindle Edition of the Book here…

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